Sharing Miyazaki To The Mainstream

By: Gisselle Olmedo, Malena Segovia, Maria Vargas, and Azya Feeney

To share the love and experience of Miyazaki films we wanted to target an audience of people that are new to them. Our goal is to link other popular media to a Miyazaki film and encourage people to dive deeper into Miyazaki’s work. Showing them that the films aren’t just “cartoons.”

We used popular TikTok trends and audios to help reach out to a larger audience. One example of this is the Zodiac signs trend. We compared popular Miyazaki Films to Zodiac Signs that we believed to emulate each other. The purpose of the zodiac videos is to get people who are interested in the horoscope to be more invested in Hayao Miyazaki. Our hope is that people will either resonate with what we suggested or argue, either way, it would start a conversation and possible send some people to watch the films and question why is this movie – their zodiac.

We also wanted to reach the Western audience that tends to be afraid of foreign films. To approach this we created a series that compares a popular movie to a Miyazaki Film. Hoping to show them the similarities that they have and create interest in the works of Hayao Miyazaki.


Me thinks you should watch this Miyazaki movie

♬ Eleanor Rigby – Cody Fry

Have you seen this Miyazaki Film?

♬ masquerade x mtr – jovynn

To also have a variety of content on the account we added artwork that was created by one of our fabulous group members. In the video we can see ceramics that were inspired by Miyazaki. Showing that his movies reach to every corner of the world in inpiration.

In these Tiktok posts and videos, we wanted to connect Hayao Miyazaki’s works to recent trends to help accumulate attention to them. We were inspired to use TikTok to spread the love that we have for Miyazaki after visiting the Hayao Miyazaki Exhibition. Within the rooms we were able to create a connection to the films that reached deep into our hearts and childhoods. So in using TikTok, one of the most popular platforms currently, we aimed to spread the memories and connection that we gained through his films and the museum.

In two of the posts, we used the common trend of matching zodiac signs to different Miyazaki movies. The decisions of which sign go to which movie are our opinion and not based on anything from Miyazaki himself. Another video is from ceramics works that were made by one of us based on his movies. The movies included are Spirited Away, Howl’s Moving Castle, and My Neighbor Totoro.